Are You Prepared For Disaster or Medical Emergency?


We offer both on-site and online training that will help prepare you to save lives during times of disaster and medical emergency. In our course, you’ll learn how to recognize & treat the three killers (Obstructed Airway, Bleeding, & Shock) as well as how to perform Hands-only CPR.



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For Organizations

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For Individuals

If you’re an individual interested in taking our Life-saving Disaster and Emergency Trauma-care course, click here.  (Family Rates Available)

Disasters and Medical Emergencies Strike Without Warning!

Natural Disasters

Medical Emergencies



They can turn your life and organization completely upside down, and if you fail to prepare, the result can be devastating to you personally, your home, or your business. That’s why people like you, along with businesses and schools across America are turning to TraumKwik Solutions, where they can get the latest tools and training for their families, or when it comes to businesses, or schools, their employees, teachers and staff, empowering them to make a difference when it matters most!

Disaster and Emergency Trauma-care Course

(Employee Lifesaver 1)


 When disaster strikes, waiting for the first responders to arrive on scene may not be an option. Our courses will teach you how to stabilize injured victims around you using the first aid tools at your disposal.

 You’ll learn how to open and maintain an airway, stop all forms of bleeding, & recognize and treat for shock. We’ll also teach you the new method of CPR promoted by the American Heart Association. Known as Hands-only CPR, it’s been proven to be four times more effective in saving lives as the old form of CPR in adult and teen witnessed cardiac events.

 We offer both on-site and online courses to fit your organizations needs. Developed and taught by highly qualified and experienced instructors, you find our course to be educational and empowering while you learn important skills that everyone should know!

The ABS1 TraumaKit


 We can outfit your facility with the latest in innovative life-saving First-aid and Trauma-care tools. Strategically placed throughout your business, the ABS1 TraumaKit will be easily accessible to anyone in need.

  The easy “breakaway” tabs make for quick access and portability to those in need, and the open layout makes it effortless for anyone to quickly find the right tools to help maintain an open airway, stop bleeding and treat for shock.

Our Mission

By providing our Training (on-site as well as online classes), combined with the ABS1 TraumaKit, we will empower every-day people with the confidence needed to meet traumatic medical emergencies and save lives, at home, in the workplace, or on the road, when professional help may be delayed.

Employers and Businesses will enjoy a safer environment, be able meet ever-tightening OSHA standards, and have more confident employees who are prepared to help in emergency situations. And all of our courses are designed to meet National Standards and Protocols for Disaster and Emergency Medical Care, CPR, and CCR (Hands-only CPR).

Safer Workplace

Lives Saved

Peace of Mind

Prepare For Disaster With TraumaKwik!